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Water is the most commonly used substance in the manufacture and formulation of medicinal products. Quality assurance of microbiological and chemical water during production, but also during storage and distribution, is therefore of central importance. The same applies to related sectors such as biotechnology and the cosmetics industry.

The pharmacopoeia specifications for pharmaceutical water list three qualities of water: purified water (PW), highly purified water (HPW) and water for injection (WFI). Depending on the water quality, different parameters or limit values have to be met and different stages are required in the water treatment process accordingly.



When planning and designing the water treatment unit, compliance with good manufacturing practice (GMP), the hygienic/aseptic design of the unit and a suitable sanitisation concept must always be ensured. Conformity with the regulations is always demonstrated by various qualification stages (DQ, IQ, OQ).

We design our units for the pharmaceutical, biotech or cosmetics sectors in accordance with the relevant regulations and customer-specific requirements and carry out all the necessary qualification steps in cooperation with our customers. We are also happy to cater to your special requirements – just ask.


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