Pharmaceutical water treatment for the industry

Current challenges in the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly facing new challenges. The issue of corporate sustainability, the importance of patient safety, new regulations and requirements as well as the need for a flexible production infrastructure are currently defining the requirements for water treatment.

Into the future with customised solutions

As an experienced manufacturer of water treatment systems, we understand these challenges. We offer flexible services for your existing systems and solutions for customised new systems. A partnership that not only lasts today, but also tomorrow.


Quality engineering and service for your pharmaceutical water

Purified water plays an irreplaceable role in pharmaceutical production. As one of the few raw materials produced directly on site, it is subject to strict quality requirements and regulations. We have specialised in meeting the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical industry for purified water (PW) and water for injection (WFI).

Our aim is not only to offer technologically leading solutions, but also to fulfil the highest quality and safety requirements.

We focus on the specific design requirements for water treatment plants as well as the strict requirements for their implementation and operation in order to ensure microbiological purity in production at any time.​


Use our flexible solutions for your current systems:
From maintenance to expansion


For more than 77 years, we have been working with our partners to develop flexible concepts that fulfil all international quality, documentation and validation criteria.

Our expertise enables us to seamlessly integrate our flexible technologies into your processes - tailored to the individual needs of your company.

Our scalable systems guarantee top quality and maximum availability to ensure sustainability and efficiency in your pharmaceutical production.

Whether maintenance and repair services or expansion of existing production systems - we have a solution.

Our services for existing systems

Takeover and repair

Maintenance of your existing systems to ensure the operational readiness of your systems.


System optimisation to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Plant expansion

Expansion of your current production capacity to keep pace with your growing needs.

Use our customised solutions for new generation systems:
Design, engineering and manufacture of water treatment plants


Our production processes (see illustration below) deliver scalable solutions that we customise using state-of-the-art technology.

Our expertise in stainless steel constructions and the use of specialised orbital welding techniques at our Freiberg am Neckar site guarantee optimum results.

At the same time, a dead-zone-free design ensures compliance with the strictest hygiene standards.

With our in-depth experience and a clear focus on innovation and quality, we are pushing the boundaries in water treatment technology. Because top quality is sustainable.

"We develop our water treatment systems exactly according to your specifications and in compliance with the applicable legal regulations."

Carl Werner Tiefenbacher, Head of Technology and Development

Modular components for every step in water treatment

1. Drinking water connection

System separator

2. Water treatment

Softening system
Reverse osmosis
Membrane degasser
Ultrafiltration (for WFI)

3. Storage and distribution

Pharmaceutical water tank
Pressure booster system
Ozone preservation
Ozone destruction with UV
Temperature control (heat exchanger)

Certified quality:
For compliance with international guidelines

We manufacture in accordance with GMP and GAMP guidelines.


We underline our expertise in the field of pharmaceutical water with leading certificates and partnerships.

Personalised service:
For a trusting cooperation


Our team of experts is available for you 24/7. Over 100 employees offer many years of experience in supporting water treatment systems.

We not only provide answers, but also customised solutions so that you can operate your systems optimally.

In an industry where trust is essential, we have more than just technical solutions; we offer you availability. Our commitment to personalised service means that we don't just manufacture water treatment systems, we focus on long-term, trusting relationships - every day.

Sustainable service quality

Several years of experience, expertise and individual advice.

Available for you 24/7 for a lifetime.

Expertise directly from the manufacturer.

Repair service with original spare parts.

Our references:
Successes that speak for themselves

"We have been relying on Herco's system technology for 19 years now and can testify to the reliability of the system technology and Herco's service. During this time, not a single membrane change has been necessary on the reverse osmosis system. This is possible thanks to the unique dead-zone-free design of the reverse osmosis system, the reliable maintenance and the particularly good quality of the sophisticated technology."

Christian Kalbrunner, Nierenzentrum Heidelberg (Head of Building Services and Energy Management)

Our reference plants:
Water treatment technology

Reverse osmosis system UO-S7 18000 AS/FU/SO
Production of cooling water at a pharmaceutical company in Germany

Ultrafiltration system UF 4D6/SO
Pre-treatment stage in a cosmetics industry in Germany

Reverse osmosis system D 600 LN/PR/
EP 550 PH/MEG 900 incl. IQ/OQ documentation
Product water for a pharmaceutical company in Germany

Think innovatively, act sustainably:
and increase efficiency in the process


In a world that is increasingly characterised by resource scarcity and environmental challenges, we rely on innovative technologies. These not only meet your quality and safety requirements, but also minimise water and energy consumption.

Discover how our solutions help to reduce your environmental footprint and save costs in the process. Find out more in our ESG-Report.

Example: Reducing operating costs with an integrated concentrate stage to optimise a reverse osmosis system

from 1 year

Amortisation period compared to single-stage UO systems

up to 50 %

Energy savings through the use of frequency-controlled pumps


up to 90 %

Permeate yield compared to the use of fresh water

Questions and answers relating to pharmaceutical water

What is pharmaceutical water treatment?

Pharmaceutical water treatment is the process of purifying water to prepare it for pharmaceutical production. This includes the removal of contaminants such as organic compounds, microorganisms and ions. The treated water is used as an ingredient in medicines or to clean equipment which is utilised in the manufacture of medicines.

Why is the treatment of pharmaceutical water important?

Pure water is a critical raw material in the production process of the pharmaceutical industry. The purity of water is crucial to ensure the safety and efficacy of medicines and microbiological purity, as well as to avoid contamination that could lead to production errors or health risks.

What are the quality requirements for pharmaceutical water?

Pharmaceutical water must fulfil strict regulatory standards, which can vary depending on the application and country. Common standards include the regulations of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), the European Pharmacopoeia (EP) and the Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP). These set limits for specific contaminants and microbiological purity.

How does the treatment of pharmaceutical water work?

The cleaning process usually begins with pre-filtration to remove large particles. Methods such as reverse osmosis are then used to remove dissolved solids, followed by processes such as UV irradiation or ozonisation for disinfection.

What are the differences between the various treatment methods?

The different methods of water treatment, such as distillation, reverse osmosis and ion exchange, are used depending on the specific water quality requirements and the desired level of purity. While distillation is a very effective but energy-intensive method, reverse osmosis offers a more cost-effective solution for the removal of ions and microorganisms.

Where are the technologies for pharmaceutical water treatment used?

The technologies are used worldwide in pharmaceutical production systems. These include areas that require high purity standards, such as the production of injections, infusions and other sterile medicines.

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