Water treatment units for life science applications

Customised unit technology
Technically flawless implementation

Individually tailored water treatment units are required in the life science sector. Our expert staff will provide you with individual advice and develop the best possible water treatment unit together with you. When it comes to sustainability, our focus is on efficiency and quality.

Before a water treatment unit leaves our premises, it is tested at our test facility in a realistic environment. Of course, our service team will be available to you throughout the entire service life of the product. Herco water treatment units are 100 % Made in Germany.

“Life science is a technology-driven industry of the future. With our expertise and experience, we are the right partner for water treatment in your company.”

Axel Wiechmann, Head of Sales

We develop our water treatment units exactly according to the requirements of our customers and in accordance with the applicable legal regulations. In this way, we ensure cost-effective, resource-efficient and permanently hygienic operation.“

Carl Werner Tiefenbacher, Head of Technology and Development

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