Waterguide - Brackish water

What is brackish water?

Brackish water is a mixture of seawater and fresh water, with a salt concentration of up to 5,000 mg/l. This is why brackish water tends to be found mainly in coastal regions. Due to its high salinity, brackish water cannot be used for industrial and domestic applications. On the other hand, water scarcity is becoming an ever increasing problem in arid regions (desserts) that are often close to the sea and have hardly any fresh water sources. This is why the treatment of brackish water is becoming more and more important.

How does brackish water treatment work?

Brackish water can only be used for domestic and industrial applications once it has been treated. In dry coastal regions, brackish water treatment is often the only way of obtaining clean drinking water.

The following methods are used depending on the substances in the water:

  • Precipitation/flocculation may be required prior to the filter stage
  • Pre-treatment using filtration (ultrafiltration tends to be used for water quality that fluctuates a lot) and softening
  • Reverse osmosis using special modules and adapted materials for resistance against high salinity

What units does Herco offer for brackish water treatment?

A water analysis is generally always required due to weather-related fluctuations throughout the year. Depending on the composition, we recommend our multi-media filters from the MFT series or our UF filter units for pre-treatment. Next, the filtrate is treated with our UO-D BW/FU brackish water reverse osmosis unit, with antiscalant dosing instead of an upstream softening stage.

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