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December 2021

Water-saving. User-friendly. Interconnected. Our smart reverse osmosis unit UO-S7 5000 KR for our partner Schweitzer-Chemie GmbH can achieve a permeate yield of up to 90 %.


It is therefore more watersaving and costefficient than standard models.



The programmable logic controller (PLC) from Siemens makes intuitive handling of the unit possible, resulting in safer operation.

Industry sector: Production of process water (for chemical products)
Permeate output: 5 m³/h
Supervised by: Our Herco Sales Account Manager Ibrahim Davulcu

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Get to know this plant better in our webinar: Reduce waste water with a concentrate staged reverse osmosis! - UO S7 KR

Download our brochure about the UO-S7 KR here:

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