News - Merry Christmas 2022

Christmas 2022

Haven't received a Herco Christmas present yet?
Sustainability is also a material decision.


We live in a country where material abundance is part of everyday life for many. At Herco, we want to consciously do without unnecessary excess, avoid waste, tackle the future and question the familiar. We at Herco Wassertechnik GmbH have the courage to move towards a sustainable future by making clear decisions, together with our partners.

Christmas is the symbol of material abundance in the western industrialised countries, we as an original Swabian company are breaking habits this year by making a clear decision:

For 75 years, Herco has consistently stood by its values and knows what quality means without talking about it too much. Today we want to do good and also talk about it.



We thank our partners for their confidence.


We want to thank you for all your trust and commitment to our company. That is why this year we are donating to a children's and young people's Hospice and to an organisation that fulfils the wishes of sick children or children in life crises.

We wish you a wonderful Christmas holiday and a happy new year and look forward to many exciting tasks together in the new year 2023.


Two charities in Backnang that deserve support.


EUR 1,500 to fulfil the wishes of sick children or children in life crises.


Doing good today with all your heart. Under this motto, the Sternentraum 2000 e.V. association has been committed for 20 years to fulfilling the most ardent wishes of sick children, children with disabilities or children in life crises in the Rems-Murr district and the neighbouring counties. Because a dream come true and the happiness that the children radiate are a real enrichment for all those who were once able to experience it.

More information is available here.

EUR 1,500 for a children's and youth hospice service that accompanies families in their familiar home.


When children and adolescents are affected by parting, dying and death, they and their caregivers often need special attention and support.
The Sternentraum children's and young people's hospice service in the Rems-Murr district accompanies families in which children and young people with life-shortening illnesses live, from the time of diagnosis until after death and dying.
The staff also support children, young people and their relatives in the event of a life-shortening illness of a parent.

More information is available here.

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