News - ultrapure water for the hydrogen industry

January 2023

Example of a typical ultrapure water plant for the hydrogen industry:
Reverse osmosis plant with EDI for water treatment for green hydrogen


Our typical ultrapure water plant "UP-S7 12000 PP/MEG" for the hydrogen industry is used to produce diluate with a conductivity < of 0.2 μS/cm by complete desalination of softened water according to the principle of reverse osmosis (RO) in combination with electrodeionisation (EDI).


Very good permeate quality due to combination of UO and EDI (typical conductivity < 0.2 μS/cm)

No chemicals required, continuous operation without interruptions

Comfortable and user-friendly PLC S7-1200

Permeate return PR and low-pressure piping in PP

Data transmission to the central control system

30 - 50 % less energy demand with FU pump


Information about water treatment for green hydrogen is available here:


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