Water treatment for hemodialysis

Hemodialysis for
blood purification

Hemodialysis is a purification process used in acute or chronic kidney failure to remove harmful substances from patients' blood. In hemodialysis, up to 25,000 litres of dialysis fluid are used per patient per year. This dialysate consists of over 97 % pure water.

Water treatment therefore plays a central role in hemodialysis treatment. A suitable dialysate preparation system must guarantee maximum safety for the patient, enable reliable operation of the dialysis centre and be economical with resources by minimising water and energy consumption.


Water Treatment
and distribution

Our complete system for dialysis water treatment is designed to meet the highest hygiene requirements and ensure operational safety as well as minimal operating costs.

From pre-treatment to single-pass and double-pass reverse osmosis systems to dead-zone-free loop systems and state-of-the-art single or double dialysis stations – we can supply you with the best possible technology based on our many years of experience in the field of dialysis water treatment.

In order to meet the highest hygiene requirements, we offer systems with thermal disinfection of the complete reverse osmosis unit including the feed tank, the membrane modules, the loop and the dead-zone-free feed hoses for dialysis machines.


Herco's most efficient dialysis water treatment complies with MDR requirements. The MDR certificate valid since February 17, 2023, was issued by TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH.

Our references
Successes that speak for themselves

"We have been relying on Herco's system technology for 19 years now and can testify to the reliability of the system technology and Herco's service. During this time, not a single membrane change has been necessary on the reverse osmosis system. This is possible thanks to the unique dead-zone-free design of the reverse osmosis system, the reliable maintenance and the particularly good quality of the sophisticated technology."

Christian Kalbrunner, Nierenzentrum Heidelberg (Head of Building Services and Energy Management)

Our reference plants
Water treatment technology made in Germany

Reverse Osmosis Unit HP5500D 750 P/H
Hot-cleanable twin pass system for a dialysis clinic in Morocco

Reverse Osmosis Unit HP5500D 1000 P
Twin pass high-purity water plant for dialysis patients in Australia

Reverse Osmosis Units 1200 UND 1600 D/E/B
Plants incl. break tank for high-purity water for dialysis patients in Georgia

Example RO series:
Dead zone-free ultrapure water system for haemodialysis

Our hot-sanitisable double-stage RO units of the "HP5500D" series are compatible with dialysis machines of all well-known manufacturers. The units of this series reduce operating costs through a triple water saving strategy and high energy efficiency.

Advantages of the RO series "HP5500D"

+ Reduction of water consumption up to 35%*

Recirculation of the permeate from the circuit, adjustment of the concentrate flow in the 1st stage according to the current permeate consumption, and the return of concentrate from the 2nd stage to the break tank.

+ Disinfection at the push of a button

The complete RO system including the modules can be sanitised at a temperature of up to 90°C. Optionally, the entire dialysis water system can be hot-cleaned in the same step. Herco confirms the quality as a medical product and hereby guarantees absolute safety for the treatment of patients.


+ Long lifetime

The stainless steel piping and a robust stainless steel base frame, as well as a leakage detection system and process-related alarm messages, ensure a long service life for the system.

+ Excellent ultrapure water quality

The double-stage design, the dead space-free construction and the possibility of thermal (chemical-free) disinfection result in excellent dialysis water quality.

+ Operating safety through monitoring

The storage and display of all relevant operating data, support and maintenance by the Herco service team and, last but not least, tested quality through the 'MDR Certificate' issued by TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH.


* compared to conventional systems

Disinfection efficiency and energy efficiencyp
With the A0 value we reduce the energy needed for haemodialysis water treatment while at the same time ensuring disinfection efficiency

The reverse osmosis systems from Herco produce safe ultrapure water for dialysis machines. They meet the highest hygiene standards and work efficiently.

We focus on the following measures in our two-stage RO systems:

  • The use of frequency-controlled pumps ensures the right pressure for hot cleaning
  • Inline heaters only heat the amount of water which is actually required
  • Optimal dimensioning and insulation of the ring pipes
  • A0 value optimisation, i.e. hot cleaning is optimised to the desired A0 value

Conclusion: Compared to standard hot cleaning without A0 value optimisation, a high level of energy is consumed due to the continuous increase in temperature, while the hot cleaning systems with optimised A0 value consume significantly less energy due to the controlled heating and cooling mechanism (see graph).

“We have been working with our reliable partner Herco Medical since 2016; with them we have realised two of our largest and most state-of-the-art dialysis centres in Ilion and Patra. Both are equipped with the latest technologies and thus offer the most widely known and most reliable dialysis treatments currently available. As always, collaborating with Herco was great.”

Serafeim Kyrkos, CEO Ariti S.A. Medical & Pharmaceuticals


Medical certificates

TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH regularly audits our company. Below you can get an overview of our most important medical certificates and download them as PDF. You can also view the validity of our certificates for medical products directly on the TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH homepage.

EC certificate MDD

Quality assurance system for medical devices – official confirmation that Herco complies with applicable EU directives and safety standards with its medical devices.

File format:
PDF / 72.3 KB

EC certificate MDR

Quality Management System for Medical Products - official confirmation that Herco as a manufacturer has established, documented and implemented a quality management system as described in Article 10 (9) of the Regulation (EU) 2017/745 on medical devices.

File format:
PDF / 295,0 KB

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