Water treatment for CSSD


The central sterile supply department (CSSD) – is a central, internal or external service area at hospitals. In this area, reusable medical devices are cleaned, disinfected, sorted, packaged, sterilised and sent out again to operating theatres or wards.

Due to the importance of this area for the hygiene cycle within hospitals, it is subject to special requirements and legal regulations. In addition, the demands on CSSDs have steadily increased in recent years due to sophisticated surgical techniques and higher hygiene standards.



All devices used for reprocessing medical devices, whether it is autoclaves, sterilisers or other cleaning devices, require a consistent quality of pure or ultrapure water for hygienic reprocessing.

In order to provide water with an excellent microbiological quality at all times, ultrapure water for the CSSD is produced in multi-stage water treatment systems using thermal disinfection.

Our frame units feature one or two reverse osmosis units combined with a circulation unit, including an ultrapure water tank. The complete unit is mounted on a frame and controlled by a central PLC. Thermal disinfection of the loop can be programmed freely.


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