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Many different applications in laboratories, hospitals and industrial medical technology require pure and ultrapure water. What they all have in common is that very high demands are placed on the quality of the water treatment.

In hospitals, the microbiological water quality has to be guaranteed at all times so as not to endanger patient welfare, while in laboratories it is crucial to avoid any contamination and to ensure correct results. In medical technology, on the other hand, no contamination of any kind is permissible when manufacturing implants or other medical accessories.


Ultrapure water for
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In ultrapure water treatment, several stages of processing (typically pre-treatment, reverse osmosis and electrodeionisation) are required in order to achieve the required conductivity. Additional treatment stages, such as ultrafiltration (UF) or UV treatment, reliably remove germs and endotoxins to achieve the flawless microbiological quality of ultrapure water.

Herco ultrapure water units are tailor-made for the high demands on processing, documentation and monitoring in the hospital and laboratory sector. We supply both high-quality standard models as well as specialised units individually adapted to your requirements.

(Webinar tip: How to design the pre-treatment of a reverse osmosis)


Water treatment plants Made in Germany

Ultra-Pure Water Unit UP-S7 800 PWL
Production of rinsing water in medical technology in Germany

Ultra-Pure Water Unit UP-S7 800
Product water for laboratory purposes in Germany

Ultra-Pure Water Unit UP-S7 1100 PP/SO
Rinse water for a hospital in Germany

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