Water treatment for surface technology

Processes in
surface technology

Surface technology involves mechanically or physico-chemically treating workpieces, for example to improve their corrosion resistance or to make them look more appealing. Surface technology plays an important role in the production of machines and units, whether it's vehicles, household goods, tools or completely different products.

The metal or plastic workpieces are usually first cleaned (degreasing), then they are pre-treated (e.g. zinc phosphating) and finally powder-coated or painted. The process baths are each followed by several rinsing steps that ensure residue-free cleaning.



Pure water for
rinsing and processes

The quality of the water used is a key factor when it comes to the proper functioning of process baths and for a perfect rinsing result. This is why fully demineralised water is generally used. Water treatment units from Herco are tailored to the intended use of the water and ensure that your production has the highest level of safety and your workpieces are top quality.

Conserving resources is a central component of our unit concept; that’s why you can significantly reduce your operating costs by saving water and energy (Webinar tip: Energy efficiency of RO plants). We are also familiar with specific industry requirements such as being free from PWIS (paint wetting impairment substances) and can offer you units designed accordingly.


Water treatment plants Made in Germany

Ultra-Pure Water Unit UNIT UP-S7 550 MEG
Product water for semiconductor technology in Germany

Reverse Osmosis Unit UO-D 30000 AS/FU/SO
Process water in the automotive industry in Germany

Reverse Osmosis Unit UO-S7 25000
Ultra-pure water treatment for an automotive plant in Vietnam

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