Water treatment for green hydrogen

Green hydrogen

Green hydrogen is vital for achieving the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. It is produced through water electrolysis, in which only electricity from renewable energy sources is used.

Green hydrogen can then be used as an alternative fuel or feedstock in industry, as a fuel for shipping and long-distance transport, or it can converted into electricity and heat.

These various options when it comes to using green hydrogen are also referred to as power-to-X and play an important role in climate protection and decarbonisation of the economy.

Water as a raw material
for production

Water is the central feedstock for production of green hydrogen.

Herco provides the entire water treatment system incl. the pure water cycle tailored to the necessities of the client. Our portfolio includes compact units for piloting, large-scale plants with sophisticated process technology or containerised units for rapid installation and start-up on site.

Our experts will be happy to advise you on requirements of PEM, AEM or alkaline electrolysis, the appropriate process technology for water treatment and the selection of suitable materials.

We design modular, scalable units for you and customise or label them according to your requirements.

Made in Germany
In use worldwide since 1947

Production of hydrogen at a wind farm in Sweden

Production of hydrogen as a fuel for vehicles in Austria

Production of CO2-neutral fuel from hydrogen in Chile

“I believe that the future of our blue planet depends on innovative technologies such as green hydrogen.”

Birgit Fabritius, Product Manager

Our technology

2 Reverse osmosis

Single or double stage RO
Membrane contactors (MEG)
Electro-deionisation (EDI)

3 Storage and distribution

Pure water storage tank
Pumping station for distribution
Mixed-bed demin cartridge as control

4 Pure water

UV unit for TOC reduction
Mixed-bed demin cartridge for conductivity reduction

We understand your needs

Water purification

We provide efficient, resource-saving and reliable treatment systems that are tailored to your requirements in terms of conductivity, metal content and TOC. In this way, we create the prerequisites for high availability of the electrolyser and smooth operation. In consultation with you, we find intelligent solutions for space-saving container installation and the appropriate control concept.

Pure water loop

Treatment in the ultrapure water loop is indispensable in PEM electrolysis in order to ensure the longest possible service life of the electrolyser. Our units for the reduction of TOC and conductivity are adapted to the elevated temperatures in the loop and are only made of materials that are not harmful for the electrolyser stack. Depending on customer requirements, we provide complete systems or components for individual installation.

Why Herco for power-to-X?

We have a lot of experience in water treatment for green hydrogen. Our high-quality units are manufactured by our production team in Germany, parametrised before delivery and tested in our test facility. This means that commissioning can be carried out quickly and easily on site. Through standardisation and the close relationship between planning and production, we can offer you very short delivery times, helping you to complete projects quickly.

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