Water treatment for data centre

for data centres

Data centres are expected to process more and more data in less and less time, while also increasing energy efficiency as far as possible with an eye towards sustainability. A large portion of energy consumption is due to the need for cooling. Therefore, a well-designed cooling system – one which is adapted to the climatic conditions at the site and is as safe as possible thanks to sufficient redundancy – is an important prerequisite for smooth operation of a data centre.

An efficient cooling system is able to significantly increase the energy efficiency, or power usage effectiveness (PUE), of a data centre, ensuring that operating costs are minimised.


Cooling systems
in data centres

There are many ways to design a cooling system, from entirely direct or indirect free cooling and adiabatic cooling to direct water cooling of a number of components. In virtually all of these cases, water is used as a heat transfer medium in at least a portion of the cooling circuits.

Our water treatment units are designed to meet the needs of data centres. They are characterised by reliable operation with low maintenance frequency. We place great importance on resource efficiency, which can be seen in the consistently low energy and water consumption and the long service life of our units.

Water treatment plants Made in Germany

Reverse Osmosis Unit UO-S7 4000 AS/FU/SO
Cooling water in the data center of a car manufacturer in Germany

Reverse Osmosis Unit UO-D 30000 AS/FU/SO
Cooling water in the data center of a software company in Germany

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