Water treatment units for industrial processes

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Together with our customers, we develop and produce highly efficient units for industrial water treatment. For 77 years now, our dedicated engineers have been continuously passing on their experience and helping to make each generation of industrial products better. This results in reliable and resource-saving water treatment units ranging from standard solutions to individually manufactured one-offs.

Each unit is tested at our test facility in a “realistic” environment before it leaves our premises. Herco stands for “Made in Germany” quality. Water is and remains a scarce resource. Saving water in production and the treatment of process water is our primary concern. Therefore, we adapt the design and planning of the system to the water conditions on site.

“Our preconfigured series in particular, e.g. the small to medium-sized reverse osmosis units, have very short delivery times, as we have the best possible conditions for efficient production here at our site in Freiberg am Neckar.”

Axel Wiechmann, Head of Sales

"Electrolysis capacity in Germany by itself is likely to increase from the current 30 MW to more than 200 GW by 2050. Demand for ultrapure water will grow rapidly as a result.“

Tugay Cerit, Product Manager

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