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What is the significance of pure steam in pharmaceutical water treatment?

Due to its physical properties, steam has a germicidal effect. Therefore, pure steam plays an important role in the production of pharmaceutical water, especially in the distillation of water for injection (WFI). Steam is also used in pharmaceutical production to sterilise pipelines, containers and equipment. An ultrapure steam generator is used to generate steam for various products and work steps.

Pure steam can perform the following tasks:

  • Sterilisation: Pure steam is used to sterilise equipment, pipes and containers. This can effectively kill microorganisms to ensure the sterility of the system and prevent contamination of the water.
  • Cleaning systems: In pharmaceutical production plants, steam can be used for cleaning processes to clean surfaces and pipework. The use of pure steam ensures that no additional impurities enter the production process.
  • Temperature control: Pure steam is also used for temperature control in distillation and purification systems to ensure that the water reaches and maintains the required temperature during the production of pharmaceutical water. This is important to ensure the effectiveness of distillation and other purification processes.
  • Production: In some cases, steam is used directly in the production processes, for example in the manufacture of active ingredients or in the distillation of WFI.

In the pharmaceutical industry, purity is of crucial importance to guarantee the quality and safety of the medicines produced. Corresponding DIN standards apply to the pre-treatment of water. DIN EN 285, for example, contains specific requirements for the quality of the water used for vaporisation. Overall, the production of pure steam plays an important role in the pharmaceutical industry in order to meet the high-quality requirements in pharmaceutical production.


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