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What is meant by the term pharmaceutical water?

The term pharmaceutical water refers to water that is produced specifically for pharmaceutical purposes. The quality of the water is essential to ensure the safety and effectiveness of medicines and to avoid health risks. For this reason, pharmaceutical water must fulfil strict quality standards so that it is suitable for use in pharmaceutical production.

These standards include Pharmacopoeia, such as USP, EP, JP and others, in which the water quality is specified. The water produced is used in various areas of the pharmaceutical industry, including the manufacture of medicines, injections, infusions, eye drops and other products.  


What happens during pharmaceutical water treatment?

Pharmaceutical water treatment is the technical process of purifying water. This includes all the stages required to remove impurities such as organic compounds, microorganisms and ions. The production of pharmaceutical water requires special plant technology and processes to achieve the required levels of purity.  

The purification process takes place in several stages. The treated water is used both as an ingredient and to clean equipment used in the production of medicines. 


What types of pharmaceutical water exist?

The selection of the of water depends on the specific requirements. Each type of water must be produced and monitored according to the applicable regulatory requirements to meet the necessary quality standards. A basic distinction is made between the following types:

  • Ultrapure water (Aqua purificata, Purified Water): It is produced by various purification processes such as reverse osmosis and electrodeionisation.
  • Water for injection (WFI): WFI is water that fulfils the requirements of the relevant pharmacopoeia monographs for injection purposes. It is generally used for the manufacture of injectable medicinal products.


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