Hygienic Design – Requirements for water treatment

In food and beverage manufacturing, reliably high water quality is essential. Clean water is needed in different areas of beverage production, e.g. as an ingredient (product water), for cleaning (of production equipment or bottles) and as process water (boiler feed or cooling water).


Pure water for beverage and food production

In the process of sensitive water treatment for the food industry, the focus is on avoiding microbial and particulate contamination of the end product. Strict legal requirements exist for the highest possible hygienic design of water treatment units.


Regulations on Hygienic Design for water treatment units

The term "Hygienic Design" encompasses the design of parts, components and production plants that are suitable for cleaning. The aim is to avoid weaknesses in the plant design that constitute a potential hygiene-related hazard in the production process. For example, no contamination may be allowed to settle or remain in the water treatment unit.

The EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) has developed clear guidelines for equipment manufacturers. These guidelines on hygienic design are based on a large number of standards and laws, including the German Equipment and Product Safety Act (GPSG) or the standard DIN EN 1672-2:2005 "Food processing machinery - General principles for design - Part 2: Hygiene requirements". The standard regulates the hygiene requirements for the design and construction of equipment and components for the food and beverage industry with regard to surface structure, materials and design elements.


Hygienic design requirements for water treatment units

The core hygiene requirements for water treatment plants are as follows:

  • Use of corrosion resistant, durable construction materials with an even surface for the components of a water treatment unit.
  • All liquids must be able to drain away from the surfaces to the outside freely and by itself.
  • Use of detailed design solutions, e.g. for internal corners and angles as well as for fixed and detachable connections for effective cleaning.
  • Avoidance of dead zones or dead spaces where contamination and bacteria can accumulate.


Water treatment units from Herco for beverage and food production

In the beverage production hygienically flawless water is required, because food safety is the producer's first priority. Herco Wassertechnik GmbH has many years of experience in plastic (PVC, PP) and stainless steel plant construction and produces water treatment units of certified quality. Our experts will be happy to inform you personally about our technologies for pre-treatment, reverse osmosis or technical details of our high-quality water treatment units.

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