Waterguide - Well water

What is well water?

Well water forms as a result of rain, lake and river water that has seeped into the ground. This means well water is also always groundwater. It is already used as drinking water in several regions on Earth, although it does not always meet drinking water requirements. Waste from chemical industries, anthropological settlements or the use of fertiliser and pesticides in agriculture can also cause chemicals to enter and pollute the groundwater or well water. For this reason, it is often a good idea to treat well water first.

How does well water treatment work?

Water pumped from a well has to be treated if it is to meet drinking water quality. The choice of treatment options depends on the composition of the water, which can vary substantially from region to region. The water may need to be filtered to remove dissolved solids (e.g. in karst regions). Iron and manganese often have to be removed using appropriate filters. And the use of a softening unit may also be necessary. Conducting a water analysis can help to determine what treatments are most suitable.

What filter does Herco use for treating well water?

As filtration is often required (depending on dissolved substances and/or colloidal particles – measured as TSS or SDI), we consider Herco multi-media filters (MFT filter) the most suitable for treating well water. When the concentration of substances is low, the use of Herco iron/manganese removal filters (HEF) can be sufficient.

Sustainability aspect: Is there an unlimited supply of well water?

Due to the high growth in population on Earth, the need for drinkable water is also increasing. In dry regions in particular, it is not possible to compensate the oversourcing of groundwater with rainfall, as it is a rare occurrence in these regions. This gradually dries out the groundwater / lowers the overall water table. This is compounded by additional factors such as pollution and climate change, with ever longer periods of drought.

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