Waterguide - Mixed-bed demineralisation

What is mixed-bed demineralisation?

Water demineralisation using a mixed-bed refers to a water treatment process used to produce high-purity water with extremely low levels of dissolved solids and ions. To remove dissolved (dissociated) ions, special cation and anion exchange resins are used in water treatment. They take in the ions that have dissolved in the water and in their place give out an equivalent amount of different ions of the same charge to the water. This produces fully demineralised water.

How do you fully demineralise water?

The cations dissolved in the water (e.g..: Mg2+, Ca2+, Na+, K+) are exchanged by the cation exchange resins for H+ ions, and the anions (e.g. Cl-, NO3-, SO42-) are exchanged by the anion exchange resins for OH-groups. The result is pure, fully demineralised water.

Once the iron exchange resins are saturated (exhausted), they can be reactivated by reversing the charge process with suitable regeneration means.

You can send exhausted mixed-bed resin to Herco Wassertechnik for regeneration.

What substances can be found in the water?

In addition to undissolved impurities (particles), most water contains varying concentrations of dissolved ions. Metals and hydrogen are present in water as cations (positive charge), and acid residue and hydroxide ions as anions (negative charge).

If you would you like learn more about how to soften water, take a look at our article on softening units and on the softening process in general:

Bonding behaviour of cation and anions of the resins.

Advantages of Herco mixed-bed full demineralisation units

Herco Wassertechnik GmbH supplies units for the production of pure, fully demineralised water in various performance classes. We offer small devices up to 250 l/h that are to be operated unpressurised and pressure-resistant stainless steel cartridges up to 2,500 l/h.



You can find more information on demineralisation cartridges in our product center:

Herco DESTILLO mixed-bed demin cartridge

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