Waterguide - Central single pass reverse osmosis

Central single pass reverse osmosis

Our high-quality reverse osmosis system solutions for your dialysis centre combine state-of-the-art technology with the highest safety standards. Their consumption-based control operating principle and concentrate and permeate recirculation save you up to 50 % on your annual water costs compared with conventional units.

Design of reverse osmosis unit

We achieve ultimate safety in product and quality monitoring by installing all measuring instruments that are important to quality in a redundant setup.

There are two independent computers that monitor the quality of the ultrapure water, with each one also checking that the other is functioning properly. There is also an additional emergency control to ensure your unit continues operating safely even if the electronics malfunction. Finally, the units also come with leakage monitoring, remote monitoring and remote control functions, for ultimate operational reliability and to make servicing your unit as cost-efficient as possible.

Advantages of a central single pass reverse osmosis unit

  • State-of the-art technology with ultimate safety standards
  • Orbital-welded stainless steel
  • Prevention of deposits thanks to thinly coiled membrane modules connected in series
  • Dead-zone-free construction
  • Fully automatic and freely programmable interval operation times
  • Automatic disinfection configuration
  • Remote maintenance possible

Take a look at our dialysis brochure to find out more.

The image shows a functional single pass reverse osmosis unit from Herco Wassertechnik GmbH.

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