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Since 2020, we have been holding webinars on technical issues involved in water treatment. We enthusiastically engage with trends in the industry and with a real passionate for technology, explaining our products and also communicating complex background information in a short amount of time. We look forward to exchanging expertise with you and answering any questions that you might have.

We pool expertise
from all our departments

In our webinars, employees from various different departments appear as guests. Thanks to expertise from Service, Technology and Development, Sales and Product Management, we can cover an extremely wide range of subject areas.

All our webinars are listed here.
We upload all our training videos to our YouTube channel.

This video is about the use of nanofiltration for partial desalination or softening and features a comparison of the operational costs of nanofiltration and reverse osmosis.

Energy efficiency of RO units
This video deals with the energy consumption of RO units and the benefits of frequency-controlled high-pressure pumps (including calculation of operating costs).

This video introduces the EDI process and discusses important points during operation and troubleshooting.

Reduce waste water with a concentrate staged reverse osmosis! - UO S7 KR
This video deals with the new functions of UO KR with S7 controller as well as a comparison of operating costs with a standard RO system.

EDI with Siemens S7 controller - UP S7
This video deals with the new functions of the UP with S7 controller as well as a comparison of operating costs with RO and mixed-bed cartridges.

Proper assessment of water analyses
In this first part of the three-part basic series, we deal with how to interpret water analyses correctly as a basis for unit design.

How to design the pre-treatment of a reverse osmosis
In this second part of the three-part basic series, we deal with the pre-treatment technologies (filtration, softening, iron removal).

Designing a Reverse Osmosis
In this third part of the three-part basic series, we deal with the use of reverse osmosis and the basic principles behind it.

Decrease waste water on existing systems UO-D BW FU
This video presents the redesigned RO units for brackish water and discusses their use as a water-saving second RO stage.

Permeate Staged Reverse Osmosis UO-D P-FU
This video presents the redesigned permeate-staged RO units and explains the specifics during retrofitting.

Energy Efficiency: benefits of Reverse Osmosis with VSD pump
We want to show you the mode of operation of our new RO units with VSD pumps and show you the cost of operation for different load cases.

What is the content of our technical webinars?

New products

Our products are becoming increasingly complex along with the growing demands placed on water treatment. A profound understanding of the modes of operation, areas of use and advantages of individual products is important for your sales department but also for service technicians. This is why we present new or redesigned products in detail in our webinars and share practical expertise on commissioning, operation and monitoring of the units.


Hot topics in the water sector

In our webinars we discuss current topics such as “Water treatment for green hydrogen production” and areas of use and advantages of cloud solutions. Do you have any new kinds of issues when it comes to water treatment? Contact us, as we would be happy to prepare a webinar on the topic!

Customer requirements

We often deal with requests from our customers for fundamental topics that frequently come up such as dealing with water analysis and the design of pre-treatment or reverse osmosis processes. In our basic seminars we therefore provide an overview of the fundamental design issues and boundary conditions. These webinars are also ideal for inducting new employees or for providing a refresher on basic knowledge.

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