News - Herco Strategy 2025 as Graffiti Art

January 2023

Teambuilding Event "Graffiti Art":
Under professional artistic direction, we have visually created the Herco strategy for 2025 as graffiti lettering


On a 14-metre long legal wall in our production in Freiberg am Neckar, we were allowed to let off steam together and (re)discover undiscovered talents. The joint graffiti will embellish our production hall in the future and will definitely attract attention often.

This makes it clear to everyone that the generational change has begun at Herco. We are going boldly into the future together, with a common goal and open to new things.

Many great photos were taken at this fun event:


It's about to start

Everything is prepared

Silke Höfer at a distance from the misty dust of her spray can

Axel Wiechmann has it in the blood

The crew works with concentration

Training must be

Edwin Locker and team at the final "fill-ins"

Together it becomes one

he professional himself paints the final outlines

We did it!

Final photo of the strategy team in front of their artwork

The proud result

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