News - The stack is a mimosa

September 2023

The stack is a "Mimose"!
...and what rhymes with "Mimose"? "Osmose"! 


What do we want to tell you now? That we know mimosa too, but prefer to deal with osmosis for decades. Specifically: reverse osmosis.
Since the stack is very sensitive to the quality of the water, water treatment is enormously important for damage-free electrolysis.

At Herco, we are specialists in chemical-free water treatment, durable products and EMAS-certified with our industrial production in Germany. You can find our plant technology in numerous industrial, medical and life science projects worldwide. For some time now, we have also been involved with hydrogen, with the electrolysis plants that produce it. Now you have the connection to our headline: Stacks are installed in every electrolysis plant - and they work exclusively with ultrapure water!
For over 75 years, we have been offering manufacturer quality "Made in Germany": planning, engineering and production from a single source. You guessed it: this is how we guarantee reliable partnerships, fast delivery times (standard systems in the webshop) and, above all, reliable service throughout the entire product life. We have achieved our OEM status by producing approx. 600 reverse osmosis systems per year.

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