News - Real reference projects in watertreatment

September 2023

Real reference projects in watertreatment

What do you think about projects? Do you announce them when they only exist on paper - or when they are actually built or implemented? We prefer to announce them when you can already see something. So check out our new hydrogen reference projects page in the comments. Read more about our sustainable standard and custom water treatment solutions (1 - 100 MW) for green hydrogen production.

We've picked out one of our favorite projects: A large containerized water treatment system for a 20MW AEL electrolyzer.

Technical details (extract):

  • 4500 l/h diluate, by CEDI, permeate-staged reverse osmosis
  • 2x100% high-pressure pump with frequency converter
  • low-pressure side made of polypropylene

By the way, our customers all benefit from our EMAS certification. WE ARE THE FIRST GERMAN MANUFACTURER OF WATER TREATMENT UNITS TO BE EMAS CERTIFIED, and we are proud of it! In 2022, we established an ambitious environmental management system according to ISO 14001 in the development and manufacture of water treatment units. Herco has a chemical-free DNA. We have always been economical with resources, if only for our own sake. The certification confirms this.


Personal consultation is your favorite thing? For us, too! Meet us at the Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe in Bremen on September 27-28, 2023. At booth 7B65 we are there for you, click the link in the comments for direct guidance to us. Our colleagues Marcel Rückert, Axel Wiechmann and Robert Klamser will be there for you.

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