News - Our ESG report for 2023 is online

October 2023

Our ESG report for 2023 is online.

In October, we published the latest ESG report on our homepage, outlining our values and progress in the areas of sustainability, social responsibility and corporate governance. Transparency is paramount at Herco. That's why it focuses on the actions we are taking in our operations and in our community to further minimise our environmental footprint.

The ESG report offers insights into the three fields of action "Product", "People" and "Planet". Along the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDDs), we set out our goals for sustainable water treatment, measures for a good working environment and our commitment to clean water and the climate.

What does this mean in practice? Our water treatment plants are already characterised by a long service life and high energy efficiency. But here we want to become even better: By investing in the use of renewable energies, we want to achieve climate-neutral production by 2025. As an employer, we want to become "even" more attractive and consistently focus on long-term cooperation with our employees.


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