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March 15, 2024

Herco will be supporting the 108th International VLB Brewing and Engineering Congress 2024 in Groningen as a sponsor and with a presentation

The Brewing Industry is moving towards Net Zero
From 13 to 15 March 2024, the 108th International VLB Brewing and Engineering Congress will take place in the Netherlands at the MartiniPlaza Event Centre in Groningen. This year's spring conference is once again being organised by VLB Berlin e.V. (Versuchs- und Lehranstalt für Brauerei). The event programme focuses on a sustainable future for the brewing industry in Europe. Herco supports the event as a sponsor and is also contributing to the programme.

Saving water is saving money
In their presentation, our employees Andreas Pentke and Dr Sven Fleischer will give an insight into the topic of ‘Optimised use of resources (water, energy) in brewing water treatment’. The starting point of the input is the 20% increase in water prices over the last 10 years. This rapid increase is reflected in rising operating costs for companies with high water consumption. Our two water experts present the results of a corresponding case study with various scenarios for a reverse osmosis system with different technical configurations. The associated cost calculation clearly shows: saving water is saving money. This is particularly the case when the optimum treatment process is selected. Investments are amortised within a short period of operation. The presentation will take place on 15 March at 10:20 and is part of a technical session focusing on ways to save energy and water and reduce the brewing industry's carbon footprint. 

Herco has been supplying customised, high-quality, hygienic water treatment systems for the brewing industry for many years. The topic of resource efficiency in water treatment systems plays a central role for us. This is also demonstrated by the exciting presentation at the VLB Spring Conference and fits in perfectly with the motto of the event: The Brewing Industry is moving towards Net Zero.

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Andreas Pentke Master of Engineering
Business Development Manager Food & Beverage
Sales & Account Manager Export
PHONE +49 7141 7095-283
MOBILE +49 157 8061 3488

Dr. Sven Fleischer
Project/Tendering Manager
Diploma in Food Technology / Brewer
PHONE +49 7141 7095-629



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