Energy efficiency means using savings potentials to the full

Halved electricity costs are standard for us
for the continuous improvement of your energy efficiency

The availability of affordable electricity from renewable energies is one of the most important topics for the future of mankind. Currently, the reorganisation of the energy sector and the geopolitical situation are leading to strongly fluctuating energy costs. This situation is a major burden for companies. One solution to this dilemma is to continuously reduce the company's own energy requirements.

Reverse osmosis systems have a significant energy requirement due to the high operating pressure. To reduce your power consumption, we offer optimised reverse osmosis systems with variable-speed drive (VSD, abbreviated FU in German) as standard equipment. This allows you to significantly reduce your electricity costs, remain competitive by saving energy, increase the service life of your systems and treat your water sustainably.

Would you drive your car at full throttle all the time and control the speed by applying the brakes?
Then why do you do that with a reverse osmosis unit?

Halved electricity costs through smart pump control lead to even faster amortisation

The use of variable-speed drive pumps (VSD / FU pumps) reduces the power consumption of our reverse osmosis systems by up to 50 %. This makes it possible to amortise the additional costs for the VSD pump - usually within a few months. In concrete terms, this means that you save many times the total system costs over the service life of the system by using a variable-speed drive pump.

Energy efficiency webinar:
What are the advantages for my customer with an RO system with VSD (variable-speed drive) pump?

We will introduce you into our RO series with VSD pump (FU in German), calculate the operating costs for various load cases and show you how to communicate the savings potential to your customers, including free Excel templates and marketing documents.

Request savings calculator
With our convincing Excel tool, you can easily track savings and payback times.

Efficient thanks to VSD (variable-speed drive) pump

In our revised UO-D FU and UO-D AS/FU series, the high-pressure pumps are equipped with frequency converters (variable-speed drive) as standard. This reduces the power consumption of the system by approx. 30 - 50 %. The savings in electricity costs over the lifetime of the system amount to a multiple of the system costs.

Advantages of the systems with VSD pumps

  • Energy saving of 30 - 50 % or more
  • Amortisation of the frequency converter often after less than one year
  • Permeate production is kept constant regardless of operating pressure
  • Gentle start-up protects the technology and extends the service life
  • Particularly quiet operation of the reverse osmosis system

Do you also want to reduce water costs?
Our RO units with integrated concentrate stage are the solution.

Water costs are a significant part of the life cycle costs of a water treatment plant. Therefore, they represent a considerable cost factor in operation. In addition, clean drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce. For this reason, it makes sense to utilise potential savings here too.

Our UO-S7 KR/FU series is particularly water-saving. An integrated concentrate stage saves 70 % of the wastewater. This allows you to achieve a permeate yield of up to 90 %.

Energy efficiency

Halving electricity costs

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